Made with Care

By Atelie Demetriades



Blend nicely in any kitchen, a cutting board designed with love and engraved with care to bring a smile on your face every time you use it.

Cutting Boards

A nice addition to any desk, elegant with classic leather feeling. The notepad inside is replaceable, just visit your nearest bookshop and remember to buy a nice stylo that matches with your portfolio pad.

Portfolio Pads

Handy for any occasion, just insert a bottle of red or white wine and you are ready to go, surprising your beloved ones with a thoughtful gift that will always decorate their house.

Wine Totes

Keep one in your kitchen drawer one on the outdoors Barbeque and one on your car’s glove box, modern or classic. Fit in every environment and remember bottles are everywhere in our daily life.

Bottle Openers

Protect your beautiful kitchen surface or your dining table, hot pads have their place to rest. Rest them on our beautiful designed coaster pads and add elegance to anygathering.

Coasters Pads

Our Philosophy

Woodpecker by Atelie Demetriades a brand name created with a vision for designing, producing and supplying the market with elegant home décor, accessories and unique gifts.

Designing with a dream to add elegance, practicality and aesthetics in every home.

Selecting with care a diversity of materials to blend in harmony with everyday living environment.

Quality and value for our customers will always be our main and constant concern.

The most advanced technological equipment provides detailed accuracy and beauty in all our products, with your satisfaction being always the driven force and aim in our minds.

Made with Care

Wood Engraving

Designing products with natural wood will add beauty and elegance to any home.

A natural gift from nature processed with love and care to create unique gifts for friends or valuable home indoor or outdoor creations.

Inspired by Nature

As nature‘s children we live in harmony with natural products. Selecting natural material and blending them together we create products to please your eyes and fulfill your inner soul with warm emotional feelings.

Special Occasions

Special occasions are rare in life but at the same time so unique for all of us that we want to recall the wonderful emotions and the people we have shared them with.

We have designed a leatherex notebook with that in mind to help you keep your best moments endless in life.

Get Inspired

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